As the last two years have unfolded, so have the variants of this virus. Although symptoms of infection lessened, their occurrence (and reoccurrence) have increased. We have grown tired of the tell-tale indentations within our face and neck that masking leaves, as well as the unavoidable changes in recommendations: this is an evolving process.

“Blessed” is the word both Wendy Hall, LCSW and Amy Roberts, LCSW, use to describe how they feel about their work at the Robert Boisonneault Oncology Institute.

Dr. Norman Anderson recalls his high school friend, Robert “Rusty” Boisonneault, who died of Hodgkin’s Disease (lymphatic cancer) at age 21. When Dr. Anderson founded the Robert Boisonneault Oncology Institute (RBOI), he credited his friend with helping him dedicate his life’s work to providing the best cancer care possible. In 1998 RBOI was awarded accreditation by the American College of Radiology (ACR), the highest honor that can be awarded a radiation oncology practice in the US. RBOI has maintained this accreditation ever since.

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