Consultation with Oncologist

What is a Radiation Oncologist?

The radiation oncologist is a physician who specializes in cancer treatment. He or she has completed a 4-year medical degree plus a 4-year residency in radiation oncology. The radiation oncologist consults with your primary care physician to prescribe an individualized radiation treatment plan.

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Your First Meeting

Your radiation oncologist will review your past medical history, and will have a thorough discussion with you regarding your current diagnosis, laboratory test, X-ray test, and pathology report. He or she will also outline your options for treatment and will provide you with as much time as necessary to ask questions. If radiation is not indicated, the radiation oncologist will refer you to more appropriate care.

During Your Radiation Treatment

You will see your radiation oncologist at least once a week for examination and to discuss your treatment.

On those days, you should plan to be at RBOI for longer than thirty minutes. This visit will usually be with your primary radiation oncologist. Because our doctors are in a group practice, each doctor is kept informed of your progress or any problems you may have.

If you do see another doctor for your weekly visit, please do not hesitate to ask any questions or discuss any concerns with him or her.

After Your Radiation Treatment

After your treatment has ended, your radiation oncologist will continue to meet with you (though much less frequently) for follow-up examinations as part of your Survivorship Care Plan. He or she will continue to be available to address any questions or concerns.


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