What you can expect after treatment

RBOI’s programs and services are available to you, your family, and caregivers, from pre-diagnosis onward. They provide resources, education, and emotional support, and are free to anyone dealing with cancer regardless of where you are being treated.

Everything that is geared toward your health and well-being as you deal with cancer’s effects is called survivorship care.

Cancer care is most often associated with the urgency and intensity of treatment, but cancer survivorship care after treatment is also critically important. The goals of post-treatment survivorship care are to:

  • Prevent cancer’s return.
  • Watch for health changes that could mean the return of cancer or damage from cancer treatment.
  • Address and treat problems related to cancer or cancer treatment, including side effects, effects on the family, and concerns about insurance or employment.
  • Coordinate the entire medical team, both specialists and primary care providers, to meet patient needs.

Once active treatment ends and/or transitions to maintenance, many people are left wondering, “What now?” RBOI’s survivorship programs are designed to help not only in coping with a new diagnosis, but also with the transition off active treatment and into routine care.

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