Survivorship Care Plans

Not everyone identifies personally with the term “survivor,” but the concept of survivorship is far-ranging and inclusive. A cancer patient is a cancer survivor from the day of diagnosis. Survivorship includes both physical health and mental health. It applies not just to patients but also to families and caregivers.

Survivorship addresses the entire cancer community at all levels.

Survivorship begins on the day of diagnosis and applies to the rest of one’s life.

What is a Survivorship Care Plan?

A Survivorship Care Plan, or SCP, is a blueprint tailored to each patient. It organizes:

  • Medical information about your cancer treatments
  • Recommended follow-up care
  • Ways to maintain your health and wellbeing
  • All of your support needs

What happens with a Survivorship Care Plan?

The SCP is similar to a hospital discharge summary. It is a way for you and your medical team, including your primary care physician, to learn quickly and efficiently about your treatment and support needs. It places everyone on your medical team on the same page with respect to your care.

The SCP lets you and your medical team discuss what is happening now and what comes next. It is reviewed periodically, especially for patients with advanced cancers, because treatments can change over time. That way, the SCP remains up to date and reflects your current treatment, care recommendations, and needs.


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