Why Choose RBOI For Cancer Treatment:

5 Locations in Central Florida

RBOI is accredited by the American College of Radiology and the American Society for Radiation Oncology; with 5 Radiation Oncology Cancer Treatment Centers to best serve you.

Incredible Success Stories

At RBOI, we enable our patients, our staff, and our community to achieve levels of physical, emotional, and ethical health that could never have been otherwise possible.

Top Oncologist Doctors and Staff

Our experienced team of oncologist doctors, oncology nurses, therapists and social workers will provide you with a relaxed atmosphere and the best care possible.

Our Mission:

Radiation Oncology Office

Is to provide our patients and communities with the highest quality medical services possible, by using the most advanced technology delivered in a timely manner.

We will accomplish this in cooperation with the needs of referring physicians and employees in an atmosphere which emphasizes compassion for the patient as part of a family unit while supporting other non-medical community needs.

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“The first ACR accredited Radiation Oncology provider in Marion, Citrus, and Lake-Sumter County Florida”

Robert Boissoneault Oncology Institute, is the premier Radiation Oncology provider in the Marion, Citrus, and Lake-Sumter County areas, and the first to be accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). We utilize the most advanced and trusted technologies and techniques to deliver the best radiation oncology treatment possible.

Our doctors are experienced and caring, providing you and your family with the best care and treatment. Our experienced team of oncology nurses, therapists, and social workers will provide you with a relaxed atmosphere and the best care possible.

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American College of Radiology Accredited Facility

Dr. Anderson’s presentation to the POA in November of 2015


sdf98jhkPlease note that this is part of the presentation from November 2015. Four questions were asked of me, and are addressed separately within this post. The information contained in this presentation can be overwhelming. We recommend you review its contents more than once, for there is much to understand and much to benefit your health. How can you…

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