Our focus is that of the COVID-19 virus, seeking intervention to lessen its adverse impact.

Alpha lipoic acid is a compound whose use and research-proven benefit stem over 40 years. As to its application concerning viruses, it was previously used to address SARS-1 almost a decade ago. Appropriate use has shown success for the treatment of cancers, degenerative joint disease, cardiac, cerebral, and hepatic disease. At a time when we are facing a pandemic, this substance stimulates via the liver the manufacturing of a tri-peptide called L-glutathione. Its production directs the immune system to adversely impact viruses of respiratory and other etiologies in a physiologic manner, potentially reducing autoimmune-related side effects.

By entering “alpha lipoic acid” into the website https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov over 5,000 medical journal articles concerning alpha lipoic acid appear on this U.S. Government resource.

Alpha lipoic acid can cause a marked reduction in blood sugar levels, and this is most pronounced in patients with a diagnosis of diabetes. The therapeutic reduction of glucose can prove to be markedly beneficial: but a rapid drop in glucose levels is of concern. If you choose to utilize alpha lipoic acid, blood sugar levels must be followed closely, with correct doses of this supplement taken.

We have provided the reference below for general information. Please wade through (discard) the technical information: it is not required to benefit you…the patient. And do your own research. Although a prescription in Germany, this substance is a supplement and requires your personal comfort for its use. We do not endorse any particular manufacturer of this product. Oral absorption of the medication can vary based upon the manufacturer’s processing, and thus its benefit as well as side effects can also vary.


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