I found a lump in my breast.” We hear this line most often concerning breast cancer detection, but breast cancer can exhibit other signs, too. Some may be due to other, benign causes, but see your doctor if these signs do not go away or if they get bigger or worse:

-A thickening inside your breast or in your breast skin

-A dimple or indentation in your breast

-A crust on your nipple

-Redness, swelling, or heat in your breast that doesn’t go away with antibiotics

-Nipple discharge not associated with developing breasts, infection, cysts, pregnancy, or breastfeeding

-Skin sores developing on your breast, usually associated with a hard lump

-A bump on the breast (These can also be benign lumps or cysts)

-A nipple that flattens or turns inward

-Newly appearing blood vessels or veins on the breast or near the collarbone (if not connected to weight gain, breastfeeding, or Mondor’s disease)

-Changes in breast size, flattening, swelling, or drooping, not due to breastfeeding or menstruation

-Your breast looks like the dimpled skin of an orange (called “peau d’orange”) and might change color. This is a sign of inflammatory breast cancer.

-A hard, immovable lump deep in your breast is the most common breast cancer symptom, though it may also be a cyst.

See your doctor if any of these signs persist or if you are concerned.

Not For Women Only

Men can get breast cancer, too, although the condition is rare. About 1 out of every 100 breast cancers diagnosed in the U.S. is found in a man

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